Dieter Suls

Architectural Engineer

The essence of studio systēma lies in the meaning of the latin word systēma; a collection of organized things; a whole composed of relations among its members; harmony.

Everything is connected, the form of the build space cannot be viewed as a separate entity and is always in correlation with its inhabitants, function and environment. With this in mind, studio systēma offers a comprehensive approach to new projects where architecture, interior design and coordination are combined in the process. By integrating these disciplines in our process it becomes possible to strive for the highest quality in each project and to make the whole design- and building process a positive experience for every client.

The use of “systema”, the Latin word for system, is a subtle hint to the office’s aspiration to create timeless and good architecture with respect for context and tradition. Following the principles of the Vitruvian triad: where firmitas (durability), utilitas (usability) and venustas (beauty) need to come together in each building for it to be considered as good architecture.

Theresa Sieben_2022_Studio Systema_BJ_DSC1332_HD